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About & History

Presently, Neiswonger Construction & Mining Inc. is led by the founder, Dave Neiswonger, along with his three children, Vinnie, Marissa & Giorgio.  In addition, the company is staffed with over fifty employees who specialize in a variety of skills.  Although Neiswonger Construction & Mining Inc. has grown from a one man staff to over fifty, the mission of the company still remains to provide individualized service and exceptional quality, regardless of the task.

With site-work remaining as the heart of the company, Neiswonger Construction is currently managing multiple development jobs in the greater Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. The on-site Foreman’s, along with a team of experienced employees provide complete infrastructure from start to finish. The jobs include, but are not limited to: land clearing, erosion & sediment control, complete earthwork, sanitary & storm sewer installation, road subbase preparation, road building & blacktop and complete planting, seed and mulch.

Overall, Neiswonger Construction & Mining Inc. has successfully provided Pennsylvania and its boarding states with superior site-work, demolition, and mining services.  Not only is the company continuously in good standing with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, MSHA, OSHA, but each and every landowner is left with exceptional contentment and satisfaction.

Founded in 1978, Neiswonger Construction Inc. has provided quality service to Strattanville, Pennsylvania and its surrounding areas for over three decades.  The core of the company has always been site-work and demolition, however within the past 15 years, Neiswonger Construction branched into one of the largest surface mining operations in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Initially, Neiswonger Mining’s primary focus was the coal industry; however, most recently, it has branched into limestone mining.

Established in June of 2012, the Maggie Lynn Limestone Quarry, located in Washington County, was developed to target the growing Marcellus Gas phenomenon. While this new endeavor proved to be risky in the beginning stages, Neiswonger Mining has efficiently provided stone for several Marcellus pads in addition to branching out as an exclusive stone supplier for residential commercial development. With the growing demand for both certified and non-certified products, Neiswonger Mining has recently collaborated with IA Construction (Mascharka Mine) in the North Region to supply limestone to an even larger spectrum of clientele.

Site Reclamation

After Strip or Pit Mining, all landowners are concerned about restoring the land to a clean, pristine condition. At Neiswonger Construction, we specialize in site restorations and reclamation of land for public and private use.