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Egypt Valley Stone LLC, owned by Neiswonger Construction, Inc., was created in 2007 to serve the needs of construction companies and home improvement professionals and amateurs. Since then, its client base has grown to include big multinational corporations, rural farmers, and everything in between.

Learn more at https://www.egyptvalleystone.com/.

Largest Eagle Rip Rap Supplier in The USA Acquired By Neiswonger Construction in 2024:

Egypt Valley Stone LLC has been an industry-leading Crushed Stone Supplier since Tillio Petrozzi with his sons Rich and John set up shop in 2007.

We only offer our customers the highest quality products available on the market – and for the best prices you’ll find anywhere in the Ohio Valley. 

With Rich and John Petrozzi Leading Egypt Valley Stone LLC Into the future as well as acknowledging what customers are in need of in the area, they are very proud to announce the opening of Egypt Valley Stone’s new Rip Rap Eagle Crusher Plant able to make Stone sizes from Rip Rap 32 inches in size to the very smallest of material # 310 Dust.

If you are in need of Rip Rap Call us today there will be no shortages just a turn of a knob we can produce a high quality Rip Rap as fast as you need it.

Learn more at https://www.egyptvalleystone.com/.

Many aggregates available from Egypt Valley Stone. Delivery is available. Call 814-764-3455 if you have a question about delivery options.

Product List:

#1 & 2 Clean Spec LS
#4 Clean Spec LS
#57 Clean Spec LS
#304, #57 Mix Clean Spec LS
#310 Clean Spec LS
#6 Minus Clean Spec LS
#3 Minus Clean Spec LS
RCE/Pad Base
#1 & 2 Com LS
#4 Com LS
#57, #67 Com LS
#304, #57 Mix Com LS
#6 Minus Com LS
#3 Minus Com LS
Shot Rock
Fill Sand (Pipe Bedding)
#57 River Gravel
# 8 River Gravel (Pea Gravel)
Fill Dirt
#57 State LS
#304 State LS
#411 State LS
R3 Gabion, R4 Rip Rap, R5 Rip Rap, R6 Rip Rap

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